Saturday, February 4, 2012

It Ain't Pretty When it Comes to Celebrities

Now onto another subject that has to do with the Superbowl, sort of. Because we have the Superbowl here, there are celebrities around....everywhere.

I have heard sighting after sighting. Rumor after rumor. I know where they are staying, what house they are renting. Over it.

We have many celebrities staying, shopping, and eating here in our quaint little town. I am sure they are here hoping to get away from a lot of the stalking that they usually get. Hopefully, it hasn't been as bad as it sounds. I also understand that because we, the non-celebrities, are inundated with these people's faces and songs and movies, that it is so very exciting that they are shopping at the same grocery store as you.

Alright here goes, guess what people, you pure commoners, they are people, too. Look, I know that someone is thinking, "Hey, they are celebrities. They have to know people will want to see them, badger them, want pictures with them, stalk them." I am here to somewhat stand on my soapbox and be a voice of reason.

Could you imagine that if every time you went to the grocery store to pick up tampons or even eggs that some one was either going to follow you or take your picture? I know what I look like a lot of the time and certainly would not want that. And who cares what kind of toothpaste they are using? Let them shop, people. Let them have dinner without being interrupted a dozen times. Stop stalking the exotic cars that happened to be parked in town.

Oh, I forgot, but it's you. Once Ryan Gosling sees you, he will surely want to flash his abs at you and then pull you behind a bush and make out with you. And Will Smith? He is going to stop and get jiggy with it right there in Marsh Supermarket. Will Ferrell will streak your neighborhood, and Adam Sandler will put you in his next movie.

Let's remember something here, they are people, just like you. They have feelings. They have families. They have problems. They are human beings. Treat them with some respect. Give them a wave. Tell them, "Thanks for choosing our town to stay in," then turn around and head right to the Depends aisle, since you just peed yourself from excitement, but just leave them alone.

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