Saturday, February 4, 2012

It Has Been SUPER Here!

I had been working on another post, but after two days, I still couldn't quite get it right. Opted to move on to another...this one.

There is a lot going on here and has been the past two weeks. Let's just say that there is this little thing called the SUPERBOWL in town! First, I am going to just come out and say this right now...I have a love/hate relationship with Indiana. To all you lifelong Hoosiers, I am sorry, but to me, there is not much that is sexy about Indiana. I am a transplant, so I could care less about IU or Purdue; the terrain is, for the most part, pretty bland; and the winters are usually gray and miserable. BUT, but, but but! I have very much enjoyed living here the past couple of weeks. I have been proud to live here.  I have been excited to live here.

First off, the weather. The weather has been beautiful. We have had weather in the high 50's. Lots of days full of sunshine. I have gotten to go outside and run, headed to the park to do some workouts, and worn fewer layers than usual. And I will say it again, there was sun. Sun is sparse in these parts around this time. I can even bear that it is rainy and cold today, because it has been so beautiful.

Now, I have to admit that people are right about what has happened this past year. The people of Indiana have joined together. Indianapolis has done a phenomenal job to get this place ready for the Superbowl. People have been volunteering, knitting scarfs for said volunteers, and pretty much done whatever they could to help get this place in tip top shape for the big event. Every single volunteer that I have run into, asked a question of, or have seen talking with others was pleasant, laughing, helpful, and really happy to be be a part of this awesome event. There have been a couple of sour pusses complaining about how much they have had to work during the Superbowl, but we can just ignore that 1%.

The energy around town has been positive and electric! People are excited, having fun, and enjoying themselves. I am not promising that this statistic is exact, but from what I have heard, this year's NFL Experience and Superbowl events have had a record turnout...and that was as of last week, before most out-of-towners even got here. Now that is a city full of people that are proud of what they have done and are truly enjoying what the city and event has to offer!

I live in a small town just outside of Indianapolis, and this town has also been preparing for the past year. We attended a fundraiser last year, raising money to put on special activities in our town to draw people here during the Superbowl. I have to admit that last year, I wasn't sure about it all, but now I totally get it. We have had National Sports Art in our galleries and at other merchants, a temporary ice rink, toboggan run, concessions, pop up chefs, cupcake decorating for the kids, concerts and free buses that will shuttle you back and forth to Downtown Indy. We, as a family, have taken advantage of a ton of these activities. Once again, people have been helpful, pleasant and super excited. I have truly loved Indiana these past couple of weeks.

Way to go Indiana! You've made me love like least for now.

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