Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sometimes You Just Gotta Say Something....

OK, this is going to be a bit of a rant, but I will make it quick. Just have to get it off my chest and outta my head.

Do you have people in your life that just drive you crazy? I know that we all do. There are some individuals that are just getting under my skin lately. Well, thanks to Facebook, I can see what these people are up to. I had these people hidden at one time, then I thought that I would give them a chance and unhide them. Back to the black hole of being hidden for them!

Now let me explain why these people got hidden. To make things simpler, lets give these three people fake identities...1. Sam  2. Tina 3. Bob

OK, on to my annoyances.

Sarah, oh Sarah. He is one of those people that is all about himself and getting noticed. He is a fellow CrossFitter. I get that people really get into it and want to shout to the world about every single thing that they do. I was once that "excited," and maybe I did the same thing. I am still really into it, but this guy is just over the top. Every time that he even thinks about something CrossFit, it has to be said. Usually, about how awesome he is or something incredible he did. It is one thing to be confident, it is another thing to be egotistical. Judging form his other posts, he is pretty much all about himself or complaining about other things. I can't hit the "unsubscribe" button fast enough. Get over yourself, Sam. It is great that you are healthy, but I don't want pictures of every time you shred your hands from soooooooo many pull ups.

Tina, you're next. You have such a negative energy. Everything is stressful. Your kids are always sick. You don't have enough time. Someone pissed you off. Lame. Slow down and get a little happy in your life. Get off the train that takes you to Dumpsville, and hop onto the Awesomeness train.

And Bob, you are just a poser. Sorry to get all 1985 on you, but it is true. You came to CrossFit for a couple weeks, and then decided that you wanted to be a trainer and left. You stole the name from my class to use for your bootcamp and try to tell everyone about health and fitness, like you are a pro. Not sure if you can do a sit-up on your own yet, but have at it. Maybe this is more of an annoyance rant because you act like you are knowledgable, and these poor people are believing you.  I have seen the advice that you are passing out...give it back people!

Ok, I am done. I feel better now. Trust me, I don't claim to be perfect, I certainly am not. We all have people that get to us from time to time. I know this won't be the last time. I just had to write it out, so I don't waste anymore energy on it.... I have already wasted enough.  

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