Monday, February 20, 2012

Take Back That Wrench...We Don't Want It

I am back at it. Back on my schedule. Back on MY least for the most part. Somehow life always throws a wrench in there to test you.

The past two weeks have been challenging ones for me and my family on many levels. As an earlier post describes, we are having some issues figuring out the best way that my son learns. This has been a long process, in fact too long for any of our likings. It all came to head, again this year, about two weeks ago. After numerous meetings, many talks and crying sessions from both myself and my son, we are once again headed in what we think is the right direction. There will be more tests, more meetings, and a lot of thinking outside of the box. There will also be a lot of me standing my ground on what I think should be done, since the school hasn't been able to pinpoint it for three years.

On to last week... My sister and my niece came to town. My sister, Morgan, and I are longing for the day when our visits no longer revolve around our mother. We love her to pieces, but she has Alzheimer's disease. With Morgan living in North Carolina and I here in Indiana, the visits here tend to be all about our Mom. We have been juggling numerous visits to try and spend some quality time with our Mom and meetings with the health care facility mapping out a plan for her future. Follow that up by a lot of nightly wine drinking to calm the nerves and dull the pain, at least for the moment. Throw in a couple of inevitable cries, taking care of the kids, and maybe some shopping, and that is one long, exhausting week. So exhausting, in fact, that when my husband and I went out for a "hot" Valentine's date, I fell asleep at a movie. And I am not talking about a lovie-dovie chic flick. This was Safe House with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. Pure action movie and I could not keep my eyes open. And it most definitely starred Ryan Reynolds....And on a side note, ladies, he does take his shirt off, though no outstandingly awesome gratuitous shot like in The Proposal.

Then, in between all of the above, my husband just moved his office across town. He has not been very available right now, and it is totally understood. Although it is temporary, it takes a toll on us all. We were at his office all weekend getting numerous things squared away. One thing being my gym. I have a CrossFit gym in the back of his warehouse. Mainly I and another fellow Crossfitter work out there, but I also train others. Poor Jason, my husband, spent all day helping me get my gym set up, yet his own office is full of tools and papers stacked feet high. He is a giver. Always thinking of others first.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that on Friday we were informed that we had been exposed to tuberculosis, yes, tuberculosis, I kid you not. Off to the doctor to get tests and somewhat quarantine ourselves. Just another wrench in the old schedule called life. In case you were worried, we are fine.

Anyway, between everything going on, people visiting, drinking and eating crazy stuff that I don't usually, I was totally out of synch. Today was glorious, absolutely glorious. No school because of President's Day, so there was no rushing to get ready in the morning. I had a client at 10 AM, which I LOVED. I love to teach, and I love CrossFit, so it is a perfect match for me. I actually got to work out.  I got to do it in my newly set up gym (thank you again, Jason), without rushing to pick up the kids or get to a meeting. Joe, the fellow CrossFitter, came in and worked out at the same time, so I had some company, which was also a wonderful change as I usually have to work out alone. Also, I am back to eating what I usually eat, which just so happens to be Paleo. Real food tastes so much better, in my opinion. And, the sun is shining! Everyone is relaxed and there is no real pressure of anything today. Just a much needed change of scenery. And gosh darn it, it works!

Watch out, I am throwing that wrench back. We are all good here.

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