Monday, March 5, 2012

Top 10 List...Sort Of

Is anybody there? *crickets chirping* I am not sure what kind of response I was thinking I would get, since I have only told five people about my blog. Well, to the few that might come my way every once in a while, I thought that I would stray from some life lessons learned and today write the top 10 things that you may or may not know about me. OK, not really "top" things, just more like random facts about me that I decided to write about today. I am sure the second that I post this, I will think, "Oh! I should have written that instead!"

And here we go...

1.  My favorite candy is the good, old fashioned Tootsie Roll. You know, the one that looks kind of like a Lincoln Log.

2. I can't stand these three words: sneakers, slacks, trousers. They sound so ugly to me and seriously give me the heebee jeebees.

3. Two of my favorite places on Earth (at least the parts that I have seen) are the beach, and the mountains of Colorado. Both hold something very cathartic for me.  They tug at my heart strings, and where did I end up?  Smack dab in the middle, in                                         

4. I rarely ever nap. I just can't seem to do it. If I do nap, it is because I am sick or severely lacking sleep. Otherwise...never.

5. The animal that scares me the most is an alligator or crocodile. They are so very sneaky. Hiding away in their murky water, just waiting to snap. Could also be because I had a close encounter with one as a child. Almost got me.

6. I believe in angels, ghosts, spirits and all that kind of stuff. I have had a ton of experiences with them throughout my life. I have had premonition dreams, people have come to me in dreams, visions that came true, ghost sightings, ghosts that talk to me or my daughter...all kinds of stuff.

7.  Although I am now an exercise guru and mother, I was at one time a fourth grade teacher. I was also a director of a day care and Montessori School and taught in pre-school classrooms.

8. I have small ears, feet, and fingers, yet my thumbs are just as long as my husband's thumbs, and he is 6'4".  Must have used them for some major grasping in a past life.

9. I don't like ice cream or pies. I can not stand cheesecake. I tried it once and about threw up. It was like eating baked mayonnaise. Don't think you can try and change me on this one either. Pure grossness to me. You can have our cheesecake. I will take my Tootsie Roll.

10. I have had three surgeries on two different body parts and broken or fractured five body parts. Every single surgery or injury had to do with playing sports or doing something active, except one. Yet, I do not consider myself to be clumsy at all.

There you go folks, the random insights of me, Molly.  I will grasp my Tootsie Rolls with my long thumbs as I talk to ghosts and avoid alligators.                                                                                                                                    

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