Saturday, April 21, 2012

That Gut Feeling

So...back to my health saga. I have stumped the doctor over and over, yet I think that I have been right from the beginning. Although I do have anxiety, I mean who doesn't, that was not the reason that I can't breathe. They even had me take Xanax for a couple of nights to see if it would help my breathing. The flat out answer was--NO! I still felt like I couldn't get a deep breath. I still could barely get through a two mile run and not only that, it made me feel hungover until about two in the afternoon. Also, it made me feel like I had no taste buds...and I like food.

Next was a stress test. This test was done to make sure that I hadn't received any heart damage when I had pneumonia. Also, it was done because I was still sometimes experiencing chest pains. I was to head to St. V's hospital and onto their treadmill. The nurse explained that I was going to have to walk on the treadmill in order to get my heart rate up to 150. They took an ultrasound of my heart both before and right after the treadmill test to see how my heart was looking. My first response is, "Walk?! That is all I am going to do? That's not going to cut it." She responds, "Do you work out a lot?" I say, "Yeah, you could say that."

In my heart, no pun intended, I have known that my heart was OK, but was doing this anyway. If nothing else, it gives me a baseline of knowing where I truly stand. While the nurse is trying to give me the ultrasound, she says, "Wow. You are really lungy. I can hear you wheezing just laying here." My response, "Yep, and they say it can't be my lungs. Go figure."

Ultrasound of my heart done and onto the treadmill. They had to put it on the highest incline and have me run in order to get my heart rate where it needed to be. Score! The treadmill stops abruptly and I have to jump back on the table in the exact same position. The nurse says, "Dang it. I knew your heart rate would drop like a rock." In the end, the cardiologist says that I have a "more than perfect heart."

So what is next, three unreturned phone calls to the doctor's office. (They are soon to be fired.) I am on my own, apparently, to find a pulmonologist and get my lungs checked out. That is on my "to do" list for next week.

One always says to listen to your heart, trust your instincts and that gut feeling. From the beginning, I have known that the problem was with my lungs. I have never ever had trouble breathing until I had pneumonia and I haven't been the same since. I understand that the doctors were trying to rule out some of the obvious things first, but it will also be an expensive diagnostic process. I am going on six months now of working on getting back to "normal." Thank goodness I started out as a very healthy individual. It is scary to think how this may have turned out, had I been a junk food eating couch potato.

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