Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lucky 13


Jason Thomas Godby is my husband. Today, September 25th, is our 13th Wedding Anniversary. I will attempt something that seems almost impossible to me. I will try to describe how much I love him. 

I met Jason in May of 1995 at Elk Mountain Ranch. We were both 20 years old and were excited to be working away from home in Colorado. Jason is from Indiana, and I am from Virginia. Staff at a guest ranch are pretty much instant family. They work together and play together, they are around each other all the time, so you have to get along! We did. I loved the people I worked with there, and some of them are still among my best friends.

I so clearly remember the very first time that I saw Jason. I was coming into the ranch on the 15 passenger van, after a long but beautiful ride from Denver International Airport. I can even tell you what was wearing. (Sweatshirt on inside out and jeans.) I saw him through the window where I sat on the left side of the van. There was something about this guy that radiated through my spirit, my soul. I fell in love with him almost instantly.  

I won’t write out our whole story in detailed fashion. I will simply do my best to describe my feelings about my husband, the man I love. 

Jason is my everything. I cannot imagine myself with anyone other than him. There are times I look at him, and he makes me lose my breath or makes me dizzy. I am still head over heels in love after knowing him for 17 years.

He has taught me to dream. Not just to dream, but to dream big. He has taught me that just because I do not have the means to have something right now does not mean that it won't happen, that the dream won’t come true. We have so many of the same goals and dreams. We want the same things for our family and for our children. We are proud of each others’ accomplishments and always, I mean always, help the other one to get there. Usually a successful venture ends with a high five and a shout out of "Team Godby".  Jason and Molly, always a team.

I have fun with him. He has taught me to take more risks and not to worry so much. Jason helps me think outside the box. He reminds me that a vision I have created and held on to for so long does not have to be the only way and that it might not be the best way.

I love all of his idiosyncrasies. He falls asleep on the couch the instant he sits down to watch a movie. But he must have stayed awake for some movies sometime in his life, because he quotes movie lines all the time and most of the time no one knows what he is talking about. His one liners- there are certain things he always says - don't get old to me. These and so many other little things that make him who he is are parts of the man I love, so I love them as I love him.

He has a thirst for knowledge. He is always reading a magazine article or checking out the latest stories in the newspaper, online, or on TV. He asks questions all the time to learn new things. And the guy seems to know everyone. Need something done for a particular trade, Jason is your man. Wonder who knows someone who is connected to something, ask Jason.

Not only does he know so many people, but he has a loyal group of friends, a following. This is because he is a loyal individual. If you gain his trust, he will always be your friend. He will stay true to you and be ready to help you however he can. He will not let you down.

I love his laugh. It makes me smile and laugh as well. I sometimes stare at him, trying to memorize every part of him because I don't want to miss the freckle on his back or the gray hair coming in that make him look so sexy.

I am knocked out by his knowledge of construction and how things work. This man knows everything and when I once asked, "How did you know how to put that steel support beam in?", his response was, "I just know how." This man was born to build things and fix things. And when he does do it, it will always be done right the first time.  Physics and geometry are permanently built into his brain, his hands, and his body. And he looks really good wearing jeans and a tool belt, too.

Jason is such a giving man. He rarely thinks of himself first. He genuinely wants to help people. If he knows someone who is having a rough time, Jason is the first one to find a way to give him a hand up rather than a handout. He sees the value in helping someone while at the same time teaching them to help themselves. 

JT is a hard worker. He doesn’t like to sit on the couch to watch a movie or a game in the middle of the day. Instead, he wants to be somewhere working on something. He has proved that he can reach goals with his hard work. He owns businesses that pride themselves on doing quality work and in employing great people who work together as a team.

He is one of the best Dads ever, anywhere. Jason always will find ways to support our son and our daughter. He goes to their practices. He reads with them at night. He shoots hoops with them outside. He answers their many questions. He supports whatever it is that they are interested in. He creates new adventures for us to try as a family. And he works so hard every day to support our family financially. He does whatever he can so that I can stay home and be with the kids. So I can volunteer at their school. So that I can be there to put them on the bus and be home when they jump off the bus and run to the front door.

What a lucky woman I am. So many times I have wondered, "How am I so lucky to be graced with this man?" I could go on and on about all the things I love about him, I really could. Every day I love him more. Every day he shows me that he loves me. He is a sensational father. He is a hard worker. He is a giver. Every day he makes me laugh, makes me think differently, or listens to my troubles. He helps make me a better person. Every day I am so very thankful that I have him to love. And I do love him. I love him more than I can say.