Monday, January 7, 2013

The Universe Is Listening's that time of year again. You know, when people make their New Year’s Resolutions. A couple of years ago I stopped making resolutions and started making goals for the year. I know that’s probably just word smithing, but somehow since I have switched over the definition of what I am doing, things have fallen into place. 

About five years ago, I listened to an audiobook. It was Jack Canfield's Success Principles. No, it is not a, "How To Boost Your Sales in 30 Days!" book. This book has easy real world advice. Now don't go and zone out on what I am about to say or roll your eyes. It’s all pretty simple. Take responsibility. Yep, all that crappy stuff that is going on in your life, you created. BUT! All the wonderful stuff? You created that as well. This book goes over the Law of Attraction without calling it that. The Law of Attraction is also talked about in the once "in" book and movie called "The Secret." Basically it says that whatever you put out there or think and talk about, you create. When you put it out to "the universe" things will start happening. There is more to it. You can check the link to get a more in-depth idea. This is my “Reader's Digest” version.

So, if you think about resolutions, goals or even prayers, aren’t they just your thoughts, your wishes, and desires being put out into the Universe, to God, to whomever or whatever you believe in, to try to make things happen? 

One thing that Jack Canfield suggested was to write a "101 Things I Want Before I Die" list. The idea is not to put limits on yourself but to write down everything you want or want to do. For example, maybe you have a teacher’s salary but have always wanted to travel to Europe. Or maybe you weigh 350 pounds but have always wanted to do a triathlon. The idea is to open your mind and write all of these things down- no limitations, no judgment. These are for you. This list can be comprised of anything -from that car you've always wanted, to visiting a foreign land or contributing to an organization.

I have made my own list and every year, a couple of times a year, I go over this list. I cross things out that I have accomplished and write "Victory!" next to them. Each time I look over it, I use a different color pen and note this on the list. I edit it using this pen. I have found that over the years, my desires and wants sometimes change. That Mercedes convertible that seemed so cool five years ago, I simply do not care about anymore. That is ok. 

You see, as has been explained, the Universe (I will continue to call 'it' this, but it can mean God, Allah..whatever) has no limits. It simply doesn't see doing that trip to Europe as being hard to accomplish. To the Universe it is no more difficult than sending you on a trip to St. Louis, or to the corner grocery, for that matter. The key is that you have to believe that it will happen. You must keep putting it out to the Universe and feel the feeling of what it would be like, imagine the trip in detail-smell the smells, see the sights. Time does not exist either. If you truly believe, you will receive. It may come next month or it may come in three years, but if you keep putting it out there, things will begin to shift and open up so that it will happen.  

I have personally seen this happen in my life. I have literally had things happen 30 minutes later and others that I am still waiting on long after adding them to the list. If it takes a while don't get discouraged, for just as you give up, that may have been just when you were about to receive. 

I am sharing all this with you because this is where my clarity of resolutions and goals has come from. Each year I now write my goals for the year. I am as specific as I can be. For example, last year I said that I would write and have an article published by The CrossFit Journal. I even specified that it had to be written and submitted by my birthday, which happens to be at the end of February. Well, guess what? I did it. I in fact had TWO different articles published. All of this from a girl who used to believe that she couldn't write, she was bad at it. Now I have two published articles, a blog and an upcoming meeting to possibly do some writing for a national organization. All that resulted from that one goal I made at the beginning of last year. It just goes to show you, I did not even give myself enough credit. I am able to accomplish so much more than I originally believed. (The links to those articles are here and here.)

Last night, I sat down and wrote my goals for the year. Some are the same as last year because I haven't accomplished them yet. Others are new. I choose to look at the fact that I have all year to do these things that I want to do and chose to do. Some are fun, some will take time, some are scary. But what I have learned that is most important is that they are all doable. There is nothing that I cannot do. I no longer listen to the haters, which sometimes happens to be my own brain. I no longer look at resolutions and goals as useless. Instead, every day I wake up and do something to get closer to those goals and make a better me.

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