Monday, September 15, 2014

Stop It

It is almost impossible to avoid the media circus after what has been going on with the NFL and some of its player, even for someone like me who chooses not to watch the news. These issues are everywhere-the news, social media, ESPN, during the games and people are talking. And it doesn't stop there. We get to hear, hourly, how people in our own communities have decided to hurt each other.

I am not going to voice my opinion on what coulda, shoulda been done with these organizations, individuals or these situations. What I have to say is simple and goes out to everyone-men, women and children.

Stop hurting others. Do not hit, punch, kick or otherwise physically or mentally hurt someone or something because they didn't say or act like you think they should have. Punching someone isn't going to make them love you more or straighten them out. Shooting a person does not solve a problem, but instead creates more problems. Kicking a dog won't make it listen to you. Dumping a bucket full of urine and feces on an individual does not make you cool. Hitting a child and them telling them not to hit others is hypocrisy. Rumors and gossip hurt. Filling your own head with constant judgement breaks your own spirit.

Do the above statements may sound familiar? I am sure they do, but what can we do about it?

Help each other. Help yourself. Lead with love. Forgive. Throw away those judgments you've been holding on to. Stick up for others. Practice acceptance. Make a phone call. Intervene. Offer to listen. Share a phone number or website. Get over your pride and embarrassment and do something. You could save a life.

Below are some hotlines or links that could help. There are many others out there, find them and use them.